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    The benefit from working with Gordon Legal is you get the dynamics of a large law firm , Steven is a pleather of information in his field and I have yet to meet any other attorney who is as knowledgeable , helpful and able to guide you through your case with Tenant –landlord court.

    Gordon legal was honest and up front with the case at hand. He was able to advise and protect me from any unknown facts that would pop up. He was able to be precise and settle the case quicker and easier than anyone I have seen in Evictions court.

    I would say to my client and/or referral to and about Gordon Legal that you would be sorry not to use his services, he only works with evictions. He actually specializes in evictions and handles nothing else, I know he has relationships with all the court judges and knows he processes in and out. So the time and money spent is worth it. He get the job done.

    George Natali President AIB Insurance May 16, 2018